Cognizant and ISS extend partnership to drive innovation

Partnership / Cognizant and ISS

Cognizant and ISS have extended their partnership for a further five years to continue driving innovation.

The partnership began in 2014 and has successfully produced an optimized scalable financial and accounting model which has enabled multiple countries and services to be consolidated under one standardized process and system that improved efficiency and reduced costs.

The extended collaboration is aimed to help Cognizant continue assisting ISS and create efficiencies and enhanced innovation within its financial organization across Northern Europe. Cognizant aims to do so by providing solutions and processes designed to simplify, harmonize and standardize the way of working to achieve further cost savings.

Thomas Djursoe, country manager, Cognizant Denmark, said: “We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with ISS to further innovate and create efficiencies for the financial organization in Northern Europe. During our engagement, we have worked together to introduce a new operational model which has improved invoicing and communication for both ISS’s customers and vendors.

“ISS employees are also working more efficiently and in collaboration with multiple countries which has ultimately resulted in a lower cost for ISS due to the streamlining of operations. We look forward to the next phase of our collaboration and ongoing innovation with ISS.”

Pawel Rowicki, head of shared services transformation, ISS also commented: “During our engagement with Cognizant we have transitioned from a multiple and country-specific financial process to a consolidated and automated model. This has significantly improved our efficiency and the overall service we deliver to our vendors and customers.

“As a result, the finance team now processes invoices faster and in a more cost-effective way due to the standardized service we operate. I look forward to the continued collaboration with Cognizant and enhanced innovation and efficiency gains we expect to continue achieving together.”