Currys powers up with Salesforce

Currys has chosen Salesforce to support its digital, omnichannel transformation.

The retailer spoke about its digital transformation success at the Salesforce World Tour event in London, revealing how its omnichannel strategy is enabling today’s customers to enjoy a more personalized, connected experience across every channel.

On average, Curry’s serves over 8.5 million customers a week. With 60 percent of its customers preferring to shop across multiple channels, the company set itself the task of transforming into an omnichannel retailer.

Salesforce’s CRM enabled all of Currys’ functions across marketing, sales, commerce, and service to have a single, 360-degree shared view of every customer. Several key products have powered its digital transformation, including Mulesoft, which brought together the Salesforce platform with Currys’ infrastructure and enabled its digital transformation to accelerate.

Service Cloud has enabled Currys colleagues to meaningfully interact with customers, driving brand loyalty and the growth of the Services business.

Rob Garf, vice president and general manager of retail at Salesforce, said: “Today, every business must infuse digital across the entire physical and virtual shopping journey. Currys is a great example of an iconic brand that is building on the strengths of its retail stores and its online business to deliver seamless and personalized experiences in our increasingly omnichannel world.”

Andy Gamble, chief information officer at Currys, said: “Our omnichannel transformation makes it easier for customers to shop and gives every customer the benefit of both our online and in-store experiences. The Salesforce platform drives improved personalization. This enables our customers to choose, afford and enjoy technology, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. This has enabled us to lead technology retail in the U.K.”