Dataxstream Encourages SAP Users to Start AI Journey by Cleaning up their Data

Dataxstream Clean Data

DataXstream recently sponsored the National Association of Wholesalers (NAW) Distributers Webinar, illuminating the profound advantages of AI-powered automation within end-to-end sales processes in the wholesale sector.

In an effort to discover how companies can leverage AI models to optimize end-to-end sales processes, Dataxstream suggested that starting fresh and making data ‘clean’ is a good jumping-off point for organizations that might feel worried about the scale of AI implementation.

In the NAW webinar, Blake Vinson, VP of solution engineering, Dataxstream, said: “It needs to be thought of as a journey. Most people are worried about the scale of it, the investment of it and how much they are going to have to spend, what the ROI is. That is important, but it’s also important to acknowledge that it’s a journey. You don’t have to do your end-game initially. You can bite this off in small pieces.

“You can attack it by just focusing on one part of your business. The ROI you can get by optimizing your data to start with is huge. First you have to make sure your data is consolidated in one place, it’s clean. Then build a foundation upon that. You have to get everything into a format with trusted partners.

“The little stuff makes a big difference. What you decide to do today, LLMs, GenAI, chatbots is going to change the way everyone interacts with services and you’ll be able to incorporate that into your business.”

With this simple yet effective strategy in place, customers who have implemented DataXstream as part of their overall SAP strategy have found cost savings and ROI in many places.

Highlighting real-world successes, DataXstream showcased how their integration into SAP strategies has reaped substantial benefits for their clientele. Customers reported remarkable outcomes, such as a 1 percent increase in gross margin turnover, a staggering 30 percent improvement in inventory turnover and a substantial $45m reduction in inventory costs for one client. Another achieved a remarkable 95 percent decrease in paper usage by transitioning to online transactions through OMS+.

The implementation of DataXstream’s OMS+ solution has not only expedited processes but also led to transformative changes in the day-to-day operations of their clients. Tasks that were once laborious and time-consuming, such as end-of-day credit card reconciliations and manual receipt printing, have become automated, saving both time and financial resources.

OMS+ facilitated a 50 percent increase in customer follow-ups, while automation led to a 1-2 percent boost in conversions from quotes to orders. This seemingly modest percentage gain, when applied to vast operations worth millions or even billions of dollars, has proved to be a game-changer for the bottom line.

DataXstream’s OMS+ integration within SAP systems ensures enhanced consistency and visibility across the organizational spectrum. By streamlining complex order management and automating sales processes, this innovative solution empowers customer service representatives to focus on delivering superior experiences to clients rather than grappling with cumbersome systems.

DataXstream’s approach to AI-powered automation is simple – one day at a time. Their strategic emphasis on incremental progress, coupled with tangible success stories, encourages businesses venturing into the AI landscape not to feel overwhelmed.