Digital Hive creates buzz around Analytics & BI (ABI)

Analytics is big. By its very nature, data analytics is always essentially a large-scale compute process, element, entity and thing. Typically, analytics is big by dint of the fact that it very often involves the use of big data i.e. flows and workloads of data that fail to fit into traditional relational database management systems (RDBMSs).

Keen to provide a means of working to the modern scale of big data is Digital Hive, a software company that provides an intelligent analytics portal focused on delivering content from analytics and BI tools, content management systems and file systems – on-premises and in the cloud.

Data storytelling

By providing a single, shared organizational view, federated search across tools and custom branding, Digital Hive helps drive systems adoption, improve data literacy and deliver what the company calls ‘data stories’ for better decision making and business performance.

The company has now launched the next generation of its analytics portal that makes finding, accessing and sharing enterprise Analytics & BI (ABI) output and other company information easier. Featuring a ‘no-code’ visual design studio, it aims to promote data literacy by allowing non-technical workers across the business to build data stories, including live infographics, that draw on all enterprise ABI sources.

Digital Hive 2.0 is generally available now as of June 21, 2022.

Digital Hive’s visual UX and range of connectors gives enterprises a way to make data and analytics from multiple systems available to different user groups.

Admins can connect to and update these sources in seconds using a new wizard interface. In minutes, they can also design custom, company-branded portals – called ‘Hives’ – that present that data in ways relevant to different roles, business units and project teams.

As such Digital Hive is ideal for a range of today’s enterprise scenarios such as:

M&A integration

Enterprises growing internationally through mergers and acquisition activity need to integrate business information from multiple vendors and versions. Digital Hive provides a way to get the right information to the right teams so they can work productively and meet their goals through major business change. Enterprises can retain and gain insights from multiple ABI systems, without having to settle for a ‘lowest common denominator’ approach.

Transformation time

Enterprises that have been transforming during the pandemic now still seek to improve efficiency, productivity and service through greater access to data insights.

Business travel company Clarity runs its own operation more successfully with data insights from Digital Hive and extends them to customers so they can track key metrics from travel costs to carbon offsetting.

“The big benefit with Digital Hive is that it enables me to very quickly model something, then go create it and just as quickly change something. That means I can design and build at the same time, which has always really cut the cost and simplified the entire effort of building a personalized travel cost and management portal for a Clarity customer,” said Darren Williams, head of finance operations, management information and data at Clarity.

Hybrid & virtual teams

Digital Hive is said to be ‘ideal’ for companies with highly distributed sales teams and a mix of home and office-based workers spread across geographies that need equal access to material, images and videos to do their jobs effectively.

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