Have you prepared your data for migration to the cloud?

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Preparing legacy data for migration is a necessary part of every digital transformation. Depending on the age of the firm, it could be a couple years worth of data or potentially decades-worth of old business information that needs to be cleansed and prepared for migration. Fortunately, there are tools available that can help prepare and pave the road for a smooth transition into Oracle Fusion Cloud.

More4apps developed the ERP Cloud Toolbox as a means to maintain and manage data on Oracle Cloud ERP. By integrating the ERP Cloud Toolbox with Excel, More4apps has said it could help users better understand how best to migrate legacy data by presenting it in a familiar, spreadsheet environment.

Data migrations are often rife with duplicates and missing values. More4apps say these issues are addressed within the ERP Cloud Toolbox, where users can remove duplicates by downloading or merging records. By having the data fed through Excel, users who are already used to the spreadsheet software can replace data where necessary.

The benefit of having a solution based in Excel is the lack of drain on in-house IT resources – no customizations to existing systems need to be performed when integrating the software with a firm’s Excel spreadsheets. Excel-based solutions also come with the added benefit of a minimal amount of training needed – most users are already familiar with the program so quick changes to the data on hand can be completed without much difficulty.

Advanced validation features give users the ability to check the accuracy and completeness of their data before it’s uploaded into Oracle systems. Utilizing the built-in validation rules and customizable data templates, a user can identify and correct errors in real time, which could help minimize data discrepancies and establish data integrity. Combining this feature with tools that are easy to install to user’s machines means implementation can be a speedier process than typically expected. By crafting products specifically to leverage Oracle’s existing security measures, a firm like More4apps can take advantage of the higher level of cybersecurity available.

Data needs to be cleansed before uploading it to Oracle Cloud. By leveraging the solutions created by providers like More4apps, businesses can transition smoothly without having to worry about legacy data-draining resources, whether electronic or financial.