Efficiently updating project data by making smarter decisions

More4apps slide with an abstract graph image that describes a case study of a customer that used the More4Apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module for data management

More4apps customer is a provider of turnkey engineering and construction solutions for electric and gas utilities and telecommunications companies. The company delivers ideas, technology, experience, labor and equipment to hundreds of companies across the United States.

With the global demand for its services, the organization’s finance team frequently has to update thousands of items on hundreds of projects in its Oracle Cloud ERP system. This work includes assigning and changing resources, creating budgets and updating task DFFs, costs and more. Since FBDI and ADFdi do not include these fields, using the Oracle-provided tools for these changes is not feasible.

At first, the company tried having offshore IT resources use APIs to complete these updates. However, multiple problems arose and added days to the process. For example, communicating with a team in a different time zone was hard. Errors occurred regularly because the offshore team was unfamiliar with the data. In addition, the offshore team would only make changes when everyone was out of the system. This often pushed the job back and increased delays.

The organization also tried having its internal team use Oracle forms to make manual updates to projects one by one. However, that process was time-consuming, frustrating and error-prone.

In both cases, updating data took too long and involved too many mistakes. As a result, the enterprise’s ERP system had outdated, incorrect project data. The inaccuracies put the company at risk for missed deadlines, excess spending, monetary losses and quality issues. A different solution was required and this is how the organization’s partnership with More4apps began.

To find out how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox empowered a leading engineering company to achieve the data accuracy required to meet critical deadlines and optimize project quality and spending, read this case study.