Speed up SAP cloud migrations before 2027 ECC deadline

A man looking at his ipad : Informatica SAP data cloud ECC

Now more than ever businesses are choosing to modernize their ERP solutions by switching to S/4HANA. However for SAP users of any size, but especially for large enterprises with complex databases, cloud migrations can take up to 24 months to be implemented successfully.

With the deadline looming for the end of SAP ECC -scheduled for 2027- enterprises are looking to dodge common hurdles and speed up their cloud migrations. Informatica believes the most efficient way to do this is to put data at the core of SAP modernization projects.

SAP ECC is still in widespread use as many companies have been reluctant to move to S/4HANA, largely because migration efforts are a timely and costly undertaking. S/4HANA is not simply an upgrade of ECC, but instead a complete system rewrite meant to take advantage of cloud technology.

However, when SAP pulls support for ECC companies will have to implement S/4HANA anyway. With three years left until end-of-life for ECC, and an average two years for the implementation period – time is running out.

Informatica suggests that examining all potential roadblocks is a critical first step to cloud migration planning. A common hurdle to achieving a seamless transformation is unclean data.

Data is at the core of any SAP system so it’s important that enterprises ensure their data is fit for use during modernization. This means enterprises must have data sets that can be trusted and leveraged to produce valuable insights.

To address potential issues and timely set backs, prioritize data before modernization efforts start so that SAP migration to the cloud is a much quicker and more affordable process.

The usability of ERP systems like SAP depends heavily on the data they store. Throughout  modernization, companies need several data management tools to ensure data is fit for use when it is migrated to S/4HANA.

That’s why it’s critical to consider a solution that has all these data management tools in one and Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) provides a program with these data capabilities and tools into one place.

IDMC brings together data quality, master data management, data integration, data governance and is powered by its AI engine, CLAIRE to offer automation, data intelligence and context to give customers the best chance for success before they even start their cloud migration journeys.