Enforce Consulting and Deloitte join forces in Australia

Deloitte Enforce

The Australian arm of Enforce Consulting is joining Deloitte Australia to grow its human capital management and payroll management offerings. 

This partnership will make Deloitte Australia a leading Ceridian cloud technology partner, and the Enforce Consulting team will formally join Deloitte on 19 June. 

A team of 12 will make the move, and local practice leader Gordon Turnbull will become a Deloitte Consulting principal.

Enforce, Ceridian’s first partner in the Australian market, utilizes Dayforce to bring organizations to the cloud across workforce management, payroll and advanced scheduling.

Deloitte Human Capital Consulting partner and Ceridian alliance lead, Glen Detering, said: “Ceridian and its Dayforce single code base integrated cloud talent, core HCM, workforce management and payroll solution is market differentiating and is part of the next wave of human resources technology ecosystem solutions.

“The arrival of Gordon and the Enforce Consulting team will add to Deloitte’s Ceridian implementation capability and add yet another layer to our differentiated client offerings across multiple technology providers, platforms and solutions.”

Enforce Consulting’s Australian practice leader, and soon-to-be Deloitte Consulting principal, Gordon Turnbull, said: “We are extremely excited to join Deloitte Australia and build on their existing Dayforce practice. As the first Dayforce Partner, we will be bringing a wealth of deep expertise, knowledge and best practice to Deloitte, ensuring the best implementation experience for our clients, while maximizing their investment in Dayforce.

“Our culture and values are also closely aligned, which makes this an exciting move for the team and for me. We’re thrilled to be part of a bigger picture in terms of opportunity for our clients and people, especially as Deloitte has such a strong market presence in human capital consulting.”