ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 4-8 December

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We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the previous week.

IBM expanded on quantum network with launch of IBM Quantum Heron

Announced at its annual IBM Quantum Summit in New York, IBM unveiled ‘IBM Quantum Heron’, the first in a new series of quantum processors engineered to deliver high-performance metrics and explore new frontiers of science.

The company also debuted the IBM Quantum System Two, its first modular computer. Located in Yorktown Heights, New York, the first IBM Quantum System Two has begun operations with three IBM Heron processors and supporting control electronics.

Dario Gil, IBM SVP and director of research, said: “As we continue to advance how quantum systems can scale and deliver value through modular architectures, we will further increase the quality of a utility-scale quantum technology stack – and put it into the hands of our users and partners who will push the boundaries of more complex problems.”

Union Bank of India joined forces with Accenture

Accenture announced a collaboration with the public sector bank, Union Bank of India, to design and develop a scalable and secure enterprise data lake platform with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

With this program, the bank is expected to develop data visualization and reporting capabilities, including interactive dashboards and reports for business, operational and regulatory purposes.

Employees are also poised to gain access to business intelligence and enhance customer service and operational agility across branches, contact centers and digital channels.

Accenture teamed up with Unilever to unleash the power of AI

Accenture entered into a collaboration with Unilever to leverage Unilever’s AI research and implementation of technologies that drive productivity and efficiency while accelerating disruptive and AI-powered innovations at scale.

At Unilever’s “Horizon3 Labs” which recently opened in Toronto, Canada, both companies will explore new applications to scale GenAI. Assets from Accenture’s AI Navigator or its “switchboard” will allow users to select a combination of models to address unique business contexts.

Automation Anywhere and AWS collaborated on GenAI offer 

Automation Anywhere entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer AA customers greater choice, flexibility and reliability for their GenAI deployments.

Adi Kuruganti, chief product officer of Automation Anywhere, said: “In the next phase of our collaboration, we’re excited to work with AWS to leverage the full power of GenAI to develop targeted, industry-specific solutions and completely reshape and improve the way companies work.”

Accenture and Bricorama teamed up for shopping assistant ‘pAInt’ 

Accenture and French home improvement retailer, Bricorama, joined forces to develop ‘pAInt,’ a generative AI-powered shopping assistant to help customers with their painting projects. 

Available on, pAInt has been designed to inspire and guide users through each stage of their projects, from inspiration – by suggesting trending styles, to the purchase of materials and best practice guides on the painting process.