EY launches EY Retail Intelligence for Microsoft Cloud builds

Blake Wisz | Unsplash | EY Retail Intelligence solution

EY has launched a new EY Retail Intelligence solution, that builds on the Microsoft Cloud and Cloud for Retail, to provide consumers with a seamless and streamlined shopping experience.

EY Retail Intelligence facilitates the complete customer journey, from initial contact and shopping experience to personalized targeting and evaluation through one solution and one data bank. The solution uses Microsoft Cloud and Cloud for Retail, leveraging AI, image recognition and analytics technology to collect data across all channels and turn it into valuable insights.

EY Retail Intelligence enables all channels to access the same data about customers, suppliers, products, finances, and logistics in real time, guaranteeing retailers a complete, 360 degree view.

Additionally, the solution is built using Microsoft Dataverse and using standard tables from Dataverse enables customers to add other Dynamics 365 solutions to the EY Retail Intelligence solution without migrating data.

Thomas Harms, EY global retail leader, said: “Businesses are up against increasing challenges. Convenience, speed, and efficiency have become table stakes. Providing seamless shopper experiences along the customer journey at scale is the new differentiator. We are excited to put the EY Retail Intelligence solution to work for retailers to help them close the gaps and provide their customers with personalized experiences.”

Ricardo Enrico Jahn, head of Microsoft consulting, EY Germany, said: “More and more companies are using technologies with no customer-centric touchpoints to push their offerings. As a result, attention is often diverted from the more important issue: the customer’s end-to-end journey. I am thrilled see the EY Retail Intelligence solution being brought to market. Leveraging Microsoft’s leading technologies and combined with EY teams’ services for implementation support, retailers will be able to better understand their customers, provide an exceptional experience and drive sustainable value.”