EY transforms global sales operation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

image of person gazing at the starry night sky | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

EY has announced the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for EY teams across the globe, to establish more unified, customer-centric sales operations.

Now live in the US, Canada, Singapore and South Africa, the deployment provides EY teams with the latest customer relationship management (CRM) tools and AI capabilities to drive sales and business transformation for internal operations and its clients.

This implementation is available with 25,000 users and is expected to reach at least 100,000 EY professionals across 700 offices and 150 countries by early next year.

Moving from its legacy CRM system to a dedicated digital sales foundation addresses the company’s demand for a unified approach to client relationships, gaining valuable insights into industry issues and the ability to provide targeted insights more efficiently.

Leveraging Dynamic 365 Sales, client teams can access integrated tools such as SAP and Adobe to provide greater visibility and efficiencies across workflows. In addition, the connected CRM strategy also includes account insights, finance data and marketing activity from various apps to create a more seamless working environment.

Charles Lamanna, corporate vice president, business applications and platforms at Microsoft said: “The EY organization’s implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales demonstrates how a unified CRM strategy, coupled with Copilot, can increase customer engagement and operational efficiency. We are proud that Dynamics 365 Sales is the foundation for global sales transformation and that our Microsoft CRM and Copilot capabilities are delivering business value worldwide.”

Hanne Jesca Bax, EY global vice chair, markets – elect, said: “Putting Dynamics 365 Sales and Copilot for Sales in the hands of 100,000 EY employees showcases how modern architectures and the latest advancements in AI can create competitive advantage.

“Part of embarking on this journey was to demonstrate to clients how it can be done for complex organizations in highly regulated industries, providing a clearer view of the entire client lifecycle from opportunity management to sales, focused on solving critical business issues. EY people now have a streamlined way to collaborate across teams and prioritize strategic relationships, to continue to provide tailored solutions to clients when they matter most.”