Faith In Nature as SAP helps heal the rift between sustainability and business growth

Faith In Nature

Faith In Nature, a fast-growing manufacturer and supplier of plant-based, cruelty-free beauty and home products, has chosen the SAP ERP portfolio to help it achieve its growth ambitions while staying true to its ‘nature is boss’ sustainability ethos.

With the idea of growth tethered hopelessly to capitalist by-products such as waste, pollution and rising temperatures, Faith In Nature has partnered with Codestone, a cloud transformation specialist, and SAP to change the narrative.

Sustainable SAP modules

Since 1974, Faith In Nature has been selling eco-friendly goods produced locally in Manchester. Due to its expert knowledge of natural extracts and advanced eco-conscious production techniques, it has experienced a growth spurt of environmentally conscious and eco-savvy customers looking for products with green – and not greenwashing – credentials.

In order to service this demand and continue to strengthen its market position, the brand has opted for the SAP Business Technology platform as its sustainable ERP of choice. Faith In Nature set its sights on ensuring carbon footprint transparency and optimized business workflows using the latest business technology from SAP alongside SAP cloud analytics.

The SAP Footprint Management module will allow the company to boost its sustainability credentials by allowing it to quickly identify the carbon footprint for all individual products, such as its natural origin soap bars, laundry liquid and body washes. Attempting to balance the conflict between sustainability and capitalism, the solution supports auditable carbon figures for tenders, frameworks and contracting, as well as customer, employee and investor relations, and helps drive informed economic and ecological business decisions.

Meanwhile, SAP Business ByDesign will allow Faith In Nature to gain clear visibility into its end-to-end business processes. By bringing all business functions onto one platform, it will enable the company to streamline operations, track spending and product demand, plus also build resiliency to changes in the marketplace.

Lindsey Rowe, head of strategic programs and sustainability at SAP, tells ERP Today that SAP is “delighted to see such a purpose-led, British brand join our portfolio of innovative companies actively tackling their environmental footprint.

“Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Product Footprint Management for clean operations specifically addresses the needs of small and midsize manufacturing and product-centric companies. It allows them to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of individual products from the cradle to the grave, as well as across the value chain. Leveraging existing business data combined with other environmental factors, we’re enabling companies to meet the most stringent ESG regulations and make their products more sustainable.”

Candice Brett, finance director at Faith in Nature, added, “Every single one of our products is locally produced with natural, environmentally conscious ingredients, but our passion for harnessing the power of nature to deliver great products has global appeal.

“As we look to bring our products and proposition to new markets, we needed an ERP solution that could scale with us and help keep our sustainability goals on track. SAP was an obvious choice, and we look forward to reaping the environmental and business rewards of a modern digital transformation program.”