New Exact interface boosts that all-important user experience

image of user experience

Intelligent and well-designed software can be used without the need for extensive training, so users can utilize good software to get their tasks done efficiently and without struggle. With ERP and cloud solutions, users understand in practice that the ease of experience is the difference between continuously using that solution or looking elsewhere. One cloud platform on the market, Exact provides users with cloud software that can automate business processes for financial and HR processes, as well as providing users with specific ERP solutions for wholesale, production, projects and construction.

Just recently, the company unveiled its newest enhancements to its business software – Exact Online. Yael Shpak, UX design manager at Exact, said: “For me, user experience (UX) was love at first sight.

“Good software can be used without extensive training. It provides users with a pleasant, intuitive experience and helps them do their work well. We aim for a holistic user experience: everything that we add to our software should fit in seamlessly with the entire user journey. To achieve this, we prioritize our customers’ insights. To put it another way, user-friendliness is our core task.”

When enhancing its solutions, Exact’s UX team partners with other departments across the business to analyze customer feedback, based on internal research sought out by customer reviews and needs.

Exact Online’s new interface, presented during the company’s customer event in June, brings a unified experience for all Exact touchpoints to allow for an easy navigation. It modernizes Exact Online’s appearance which creates a balance between information available and oversight. Adjusting the white space, fonts and contrast, the company has enhanced readability and improved oversight for Exact Online users, improving the overall experience.

“People believe business software should be just as accessible as the consumer solutions they are familiar with. We want Exact to meet these expectations. Making software more intuitive reduces the learning curve and improves efficiency. Increased productivity and satisfied users, that’s what we’re all about,” Shpak continues.

The difference between good and great software is the ability to provide an outstanding level of service to users. How easy is your software to use? Is it user friendly? Organizations across the globe must have the answers to these questions if they wish to follow suit and enhance the experience.