Google Cloud and Stagwell to launch AI-powered capabilities for marketers

photo of a group of people in the office looking at a laptop and laughing | Google Cloud and Stagwell AI collaboration

Google Cloud and Stagwell have announced new AI-powered features across Stagwell’s digital marketing applications portfolio to enable customers to supercharge marketing campaigns, accelerate common tasks and workflows and generate compelling content and briefs.

Stagwell, a global marketing services network, will now use a wide range of Google Cloud technologies to power and deliver its applications, including Gemini models, AI tooling in Vertex AI, compute, storage and networking. The new features are already available to Stagwell customers.

“This partnership puts Stagwell’s applications and Google Cloud AI in the hands of marketing professionals worldwide,” said Mansoor Basha, chief technology officer, Stagwell Marketing Cloud.

Basha continued: “We’re pleased to expand our work with Google Cloud and to roll out important new AI capabilities to help marketers work more effectively, quickly, and creatively.”

After initially beginning to migrate several applications to Google Cloud in 2023, Stagwell is now integrating Google Cloud AI across several of its most widely adopted products, including propellers, a new tool built for internal creative teams to improve their processes from ideation to execution; CUE, an app for data-driven audience insights; Prophet, a SaaS platform to help marketers and PR professionals apply predictive and GenAI to everyday tasks and processes and SmartAssets, an application for creative asset management, optimization and analytics.

“AI capabilities and expertise were of utmost importance as we explored partners to work with and build towards our vision,” said Merrill Raman, global chief technology officer, Stagwell.

“Google Cloud delivers the right mix of enterprise-grade models, AI tooling and scalable cloud infrastructure to support Stagwell’s numerous use cases and growing customer base.”

Oliver Parker, VP of global generative AI go to market at Google Cloud, also commented on the announcement: “Stagwell is taking impressive steps to implement generative AI in ways that are transformative and helpful for marketers.

“The brand new Propellers is an example of how AI can rapidly add value and streamline common workflows and processes for end customers – in this case, creative teams who shape everyday brand narratives.”