Google Cloud thinks out of the Box to transform world of work with GenAI

image of abstract AI | Google Cloud and Box

Google Cloud and Box, a content cloud single platform that helps companies manage content lifecycle and integrate best-of-breed apps, have expanded their partnership to transform work in the enterprise with GenAI.

With Vertex AI, Box will build new GenAI features that help customers more efficiently process and analyze data stored in the Box Content Cloud, which is now available to customers through Google Cloud Marketplace. Additionally, Box will integrate Google Cloud’s advanced large-language models (LLMs) into Box AI which will be powered by Vertex AI.

With Box AI, customers can automatically classify and label documents at scale, define metadata templates to extract information for custom use cases, populate defined metadata templates and integrate with ERP and CRM systems, identify and preserve critical information and recognize and extract metadata in different languages.

As part of the expanded partnership, Box is also available on Google Cloud Marketplace, making it easier for customers using Google Cloud infrastructure to purchase Box’s content management platform. With the Box app, customers can benefit from reduced procurement cycles, consolidated Google Cloud billing and cost savings against existing Google Cloud commitments when purchased through Google Cloud marketplace.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “GenAI can streamline some of the most time-consuming processes facing enterprises today, such as manual data entry and analysis.

“Our expanded partnership with Box will provide customers with new tools that help them quickly process and create insights from documents stored within Box Content Cloud, saving time that users can reallocate towards more impactful work.”

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, said: “Enterprises today want to work with strategic technology platforms that can help them work smarter and more productively.

“Google Cloud is an incredibly important partner that helps us serve our customers globally. This deepened partnership underscores our joint commitment to delivering solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to power entirely new ways for users to intelligently interact with their content and revolutionize the way businesses operate in the AI-first era.”