HCLTech uses SAP BTP to tackle water scarcity problems

A water drop in a pool of water | SAP HCLTech

SAP and HCLTech have announced their latest innovation, HCLTech AquaSphere, providing measures for tackling water scarcity.

AquaSphere enables users to implement ways of conserving water like rainwater harvesting and identifying clean water wastage, in turn ensuring cost-effective and “environmentally responsible” water practices.

HCLTech AquaSphere consists of SAP Datasphere for harmonized access to crucial business and sensor data, along with SAP Blockchain Business Connector that helps organizations connect in a secure and compliant network.

Built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), SAP Blockchain Business Connector can provide an “event-driven approach” for integrating business applications with smart contracts.

Implementing smart contracts with AquaSphere increases the efficiency of verifying information in cross-enterprise situations, according to SAP and HCLTech, which allows its users to predict and adapt to changes quickly. It has enabled safety tests to be recorded as verifiable data that can be shared between cities, states, federal governments and consumers, among others.

AquaSphere additionally offers mechanisms for organizations to compensate for their water consumption such as investing in local water conservation projects initiated by governments.

Through use of a blockchain-based certification system, AquaSphere provides verifiable proof of companies’ offsetting efforts.

The decentralized, modular components of SAP Blockchain Business Connector provide SAP partners with the flexibility to realize blockchain-enabled features without having to understand what’s underneath.

As a result, little blockchain knowledge is needed to utilize public blockchain networks and smart contracts with a user-friendly experience for application developers. It also enables users to create actionable insights based on blockchain data through dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Ajay Pasuvula, vice president and head of SAP Ecosystem at HCLTech, said: “With AquaSphere, we want to empower organizations to reach their water sustainability goals. Sustainability officers benefit from a comprehensive view of water-related data and insights that can accelerate decision-making and optimize the water value chain.

“SAP Blockchain Business Connector enables the collaboration between these parties by providing transparent, compliant, automated and verifiable transactions according to defined business rules. The integration with SAP BTP makes it easier for our customers to access this exciting innovation and further evolve the solution in the long run.”