Hong Kong conglomerate Miramar Group transforms CX with SAP Emarsys

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In a time when digital transformations are becoming an integral step towards innovation, businesses using SAP solutions are in search of ways to remain competitive. One way they are doing this is by incorporating ways to achieve a more connected and efficient customer experience management strategy.

One of the largest Hong Kong-based hospitality, shopping and travel conglomerates, Miramar Group, has announced it is leveraging SAP Emarsys to advance its customer experience operations by harmonizing customer data from diverse business units.

SAP Emarsys is positioned as a SAP user favorite, by empowering digital marketing leaders and business owners with the omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes, the company’s industry-specific, outcome-driven approach, combined with customer-centric personalization has made the platform the preferred choice for more than 1,500 companies around the world.

Striving to support its multi-faceted operations, the Group has embarked on a company-wide digital transformation by unifying multiple IT systems and enhancing data analysis capabilities with more structured data. 

With SAP Emarsys, the Group will integrate customer data from various business units and leverage segmented data to streamline different stages in the customer journey, such as reservations and online shopping.

Mabel Ho, senior marketing manager, digital marketing, Miramar Group, said: “A comprehensive and detailed understanding of our customers underlies the foundation of our customer experience operations and in many ways contributes to our business success. 

“Personalization is essentially data-driven. By taking steps to better understand our customers, we can deliver tailor-made messages and the right product offerings. SAP Emarsys equips us with a data-driven landscape to enhance connections with customers through emails, paving the way towards a more enriching customer experience.”

Esmond Tong, managing director of SAP Hong Kong, also commented: “In response to the fast-paced changes in the marketplace, global brands are engaging customers on their own terms – supporting their journey and ensuring a positive experience. By leveraging SAP Emarsys, the Miramar Group and other future-proven companies are building up customer engagement across all channels and ensuring excellent experiences.”

Looking ahead, Miramar Group is planning to leverage SAP Emarsys’s Smart Insights, using its inherent AI modeling and machine learning, to develop an in-depth understanding of the customer lifecycle to reach its goals.

Smart Insights will be used to help the Group define customers into five distinct groups – lead, first-time buyer, active customer, defecting customer and inactive customer – so the company can deliver highly personalized content to its customers accordingly.

As digital transformation kicks up the need for CX enhancements, Miramar Group stands as an example to SAP users of the transformative power of platforms using AI to drive innovations – and its not a bad idea to start by improving customer experience platforms.