How EY’s value-led sustainability could help your business

Aerial view of patchwork farmland dotted with wind turbines and slightly obscured by cloud cover | EY Sustainability

Sustainability in business is a goal that always needs to be in sight. Thus, when taking the right measures, your business will gain better longevity in the long run. While some companies will see the word ‘sustainability’ and only think of carbon neutrality, the true innovators will view it as a tool for growth.

At its root, value-led sustainability means seeking and driving innovation while keeping environmental and social commitments at the forefront. With the appropriate research and tools, you can achieve business innovation while simultaneously gaining enhancements in process efficiency.

EY created its climate change and sustainability services to support businesses in responding effectively to sustainability challenges and opportunities, while also helping companies transition towards Net Zero. Ultimately, by leveraging sustainability goals, you could induce positive results from the bottom and top lines of your business.

Adapting a business to new, environmentally friendly practices is one of EY’s specializations: it helps clients adapt their processes. This way, the maintenance of created value can last over a long period. EY’s services guide a business to help achieve internal and external stakeholder demands and to measure, manage, and reduce its organization’s carbon footprint. Once you establish a track record and consistently meet your sustainability goals, you’ll be able to build trust with your stakeholders in no time.

Ultimately, every modern business needs to consider environmental and social sustainability if it wishes to stay afloat. EY’s dedication to sustainability is an attempt to change the digital landscape for the better – if all future projects were built on a backbone of sustainable processes, achieving carbon neutrality or net zero could be possible across the entire industry.