How you can upgrade your reporting capabilities with GL Connect

Oracle E-Business Suite apps are a great tool for supporting evolving business models and integrating with mobile users – it’s a household name within the industry. Naturally, options to enhance Oracle EBS began to appear that build on the original package and offer new additions and insights, especially in regards to aspects of a business that may require more involvement for peace of mind – like financial reporting.

One of the most common bugbears that businesses devote a lot of time to, or rather, devote their IT teams to, revolves around financial reporting. How can it be streamlined? Is there a more efficient way to create and submit forms without complicating the user experience?

Streamlining and speeding up processes can be done with something as seemingly simple as integrating Excel within the technology. A solution like GL Connect expedites financial reporting from Oracle EBS by connecting through the SplashBI platform, which in turn directly links to Excel. Architecture that integrates with Excel helps ensure financial reports are accurate, on-time and immediately usable. GL Connect also provides important insight, providing the necessary data for CFOs to make informed, financial alterations.

Simplified solutions are also key to providing an optimal user experience. Giving your workers the power to create reports independently without the need of IT will help empower your workforce. An IT team that no longer has to handle the minutiae of report creation may now dedicate time and resources to more strategic efforts.

GL Connect pairs this feature with a comprehensive drill down, which helps provide clarity to financials. Once the financials are clearer and more people can create reports with ease, your business might suddenly find itself discovering where processes can be improved.

Real-time reporting is a necessary component for modern businesses. The ability to act on insights instantly is the sign of an agile and flexible business. GL Connect improves upon data analysis and reporting speed – meaning any necessary business changes can be acted on quickly.

Finding inefficiencies in your processes and improving upon them is a standard affair for any modern business looking to improve. The clearer the data presented from your reporting, the better you can implement change.