IBM and Microsoft expand collaboration with GenAI offering

Image of Microsoft building

IBM is expanding its collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate the deployment of generative AI and provide a new offering: the IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service. 

The new offering is available on Azure Marketplace and is an AI service that allows developers and data scientists to apply large language models (LLMs), including their GPT and Codex series, with the aim of helping businesses to define an adoption strategy.

In addition to the new IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service, IBM and Microsoft have been collaborating around IBM Consulting skills and Azure OpenAI Service to create potential solutions and address specific use cases. 

Combining the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure OpenAI Service, one use case aims to help businesses automate the sourcing and procurement process, as well as drive new insights about supply chains. 

Working on another use case in a hackathon with Julius Baer Group, the solution aims to efficiently process and summarize financial reports while automatically creating an audio version of the report to see how generative AI can accelerate the development of personalized content for their customers through summarization.

To help streamline and automate healthcare processes, IBM Consulting will leverage an Azure OpenAI Service, with a solution designed to automatically ingest and analyze complex medical records and policy documents to reduce administrative burdens, as well as offer nurses and doctors a virtual assistant to help collect information from patient records.

Lastly, a knowledge extraction tool designed for information retrieval within vast knowledge bases has been created by integrating OCR and Microsoft Azure OpenAI, eliminating the need for manual browsing for valuable insights.

Francesco Brenna, global VP and senior partner, Microsoft Practice at IBM Consulting commented: “Businesses are looking for responsible ways to adopt and integrate multi-model generative AI solutions that augment the work their teams are doing in areas such as creative content and code creation, content summarization and search.

“Our work with Microsoft is another example of IBM’s open ecosystem model designed to bring value to clients while helping them responsibly build and scale generative AI across their businesses.”

Dinis Couto, GM Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft said: “Together, Microsoft and IBM are collaborating to deliver innovative solutions, that will help customers responsibly accelerate deployment of generative AI.

“As a leader in the delivery of generative AI and data solutions, we believe that partners like IBM are critical to enabling customers’ successful use of generative AI to advance business transformation.”