IFS Cloud upgrades Laerdal Medical’s ERP platform to reach new global heights

image of Earth with connections from different countries | IFS Cloud and Laerdal Medical

Norway-based healthcare education and medical simulator provider, Laerdal Medical, has selected IFS Cloud as its global ERP platform.

Opting for IFS Cloud, the company needed an integrated IT platform to provide a single version of truth across its global operations. IFS Cloud will assist Laerdal with the support needed for further business growth and scalability as it continues to grow its operation and migrate toward subscription-based services.

IFS Cloud also promised to provide Laerdal with the agility needed to navigate this transition and manage the late-stage customization while also enhancing customer satisfaction. By leveraging IFS Cloud, the healthcare manufacturer will integrate new and emerging technologies, including embedded AI and advanced automation capabilities to enhance its service offerings in the future.

Simon Dreyer, corporate IT director at Laerdal Medical, said: “In the face of customer demands, changing regulations, supply chain disruption and our commitment to sustainable solutions, it is critical for Laerdal to rapidly support new business capabilities required to achieve our ambitions.

“On our mission to helping save lives, our partnership with IFS and the implementation of IFS Cloud are key strategic components of leveraging technology through a partner that is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology on a continuously evolving platform.”

The company has also entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Copperleaf Technologies, a provider of AI-powered enterprise Asset Investment Planning and Management software.

This acquisition aims to offer organizations a breadth and depth of software capabilities. Customers will have access to Industrial AI-powered software to manage assets that are crucial to their business across their lifecycle, to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

Speaking of the agreement, Mark Moffat, CEO of IFS, commented: “IFS continues to build on its position as the global software leader for asset and service management, powered by Industrial AI. I am deeply excited about what Copperleaf brings to our extended customer offering.

“We combine two companies built on the same principles: world-class innovative technology with unrivalled time to value, asset and industry expertise delivering exceptional ROI and organizational cultures that have always put the customer at the center of everything they do.”