Infor Marketplace continues momentum with ChatGPT and more

Massimo Capoccia, chief innovation officer at Infor | Infor Marketplace

Infor has announced the continued momentum of Infor Marketplace, which is now showcasing more than 150 solutions in its listings.

These solutions include partner-developed applications that extend the functionality of Infor ERP systems and Infor content that leverages the company’s platform technology alongside OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model.

Infor Marketplace now features several new partner solutions, enabling users to extend the capabilities of Infor’s M3 and LN ERP systems serving the manufacturing, distribution and services industries. New Infor solutions leveraging Infor platform technologies (Infor OS, Coleman AI) and generative AI models such as ChatGPT will help enhance the user experience with Infor CloudSuite solutions. Included is an Ask ChatGPT Widget, an intelligent tool that combines the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT with the business context information in the Infor cloud environment, to help customers effectively ask specific questions of the chatbot.

LeaseQuery meanwhile offers a new cloud-based solution on Infor Marketplace, which simplifies lease accounting and facilitates compliance for organizations across all sectors. The solution transfers journal entries, disclosure reports and accounts payable reports seamlessly into a customer’s instance.

Infor partner, Accure AB, is also offering a complete output suite for M3. The Accure Cloud for M3 is an extension of the Infor M3 output solution. It helps users monitor and maintain the process and distribution of all documents, forms, labels and reports in printed or electronic format.

Henrik Billgren, senior advisor for Accure AB, said: “The Accure Cloud for M3 enables not only a safe and fast journey to the cloud for any M3 customer, it also offers a sustainable business model for the design, creation, distribution and monitoring of documents and reports for all steps in the output process.”

Massimo Capoccia, chief innovation officer at Infor, said: “The Infor Marketplace showcases Infor’s large and growing partner network, with more than half of the solutions now consisting of partner-developed apps.

“This expanding enterprise software ecosystem provides users with the convenience, flexibility and confidence to deploy solutions that make their businesses more successful.”