Infor announces new Infor Marketplace

Infor has announced the new Infor Marketplace, a curated showcase of solutions designed to make it easier for customers to discover, source and license industry and micro-vertical solutions that integrate with the Infor’s portfolio of enterprise software.

The Infor Marketplace currently serves as a listing marketplace, where customers can register to receive information and assets related to a wide range of Infor and partner solutions and services. Going forward, Infor plans to develop it into a real-time provisioning platform, where users can conduct frictionless e-commerce.

Soma Somasundaram, chief technology officer and president of products at Infor, said: “The launch of Infor Marketplace underscores our commitment to providing a smart, preconfigured and modern enterprise ecosystem. We expect to provide access to hundreds of solutions that have been pre-integrated with Infor software or built with Infor platform technologies. From partner-developed apps, which support certain niche industry parameters, to free Infor-developed content such as visualisations, extensions and reusable widgets, the Infor Marketplace is intended to showcase new and innovative solutions for our customers.”

The Infor Marketplace also provides Infor’s ISV (independent software vendor) partners with additional visibility to more than 65,000 Infor customers. In the coming months, the Infor Marketplace is expected to provide additional capabilities to Infor ISV partners, which should simplify customer acquisition, billing, payment processing, and automated provisioning.

Rene Nazario, CEO of Infor gold channel partner Visual K, said: “We are very excited about the new opportunities and possibilities that the Infor Marketplace can give us exposure to. In this day and age, people are used to licensing apps from an online store, so this is a major step in that direction. The setup is designed to be painless, and we are looking forward to the ability to receive feedback. This should be a win-win for all parties involved.”

The Infor Marketplace is intended to serve as a one-stop shop for customers looking to source unique and innovative software solutions – including analytics, AI and machine learning apps – and find value-add extensions to Infor products that deliver even greater industry-specific capabilities.

It also is expected to include a searchable index of partner solutions designed to help maximise the value of customers’ Infor ecosystem investments. Users also can see ratings and reviews from other customers on what solutions are helping their businesses most.