Infor supports Systemair as they fly to higher ambitions

View of a semi cloudy sky on a rather sunny day | systemair Infor

Infor announced that Europe’s largest ventilation company, Systemair, is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing. Systemair say they want smoother integration of newly acquired companies and aim at developing new types of products and services.

With Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing, Systemair has access to a cloud solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), that allows it to quickly implement a system that makes the integration of newly acquired companies simpler. With the new tech, Systemair can centralize system administration in the company structure, reducing its costs.

Systemair was founded 50 years ago and has offices in 51 countries, supplying both private and commercial customers, including hospitals, offices and schools, where air quality is crucial for the people staying there.

The market has been expanding and is expected to continue to do so, driven by factors like increasingly strict legal requirements for a faster energy transition. Systemair meets this growth potential through acquisitions and new business models, such as increasing service offerings around its product range.

”Systemair and Infor have had a reliable ERP partnership for over 20 years. The signing of the Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing contract is the next step in this partnership. Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing gives us the opportunity to harmonize the Systemair IT-environment further,” said Juergen Hernadi, group IT director, Systemair AB.

“People spend around 90 percent of their time indoors. We often take the air for granted, but it affects how we feel, how alert we are or how often we get sick,” said Malte Ekedahl, SVP and GM, Infor, Northern Europe. “Being able to contribute to a significant market player like Systemair and provide them with the right conditions to continue developing quality products in ventilation makes us proud.”