Infor’s AI digital assistant app launches on Microsoft Teams


Infor has today announced the general availability of its Infor Coleman AI digital assistant app for Microsoft Teams, enabling customers using Teams to access the digital assistant’s skills, chat UX and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

As a digital assistant, Infor Coleman uses a conversational UX and natural language processing to chat, hear, talk and, in the future, it is expected to analyse images to help people work more efficiently.

Infor Coleman is built on the foundation of the Infor OS enterprise application platform (EAP) and directly integrated with the rest of the platform’s security, integration, mobile, low-code development, and user experience services.

Previously, the Infor Coleman digital assistant was only available via a web browser, the Infor Go mobile app, and Amazon Alexa for business.

Vignesh Subramanian, Infor Coleman product director, said: “In the post-pandemic world, remote working and the use of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams are ever more relevant. Enabling Coleman digital assistant within that ecosystem is a testimony to Infor’s commitment to be on the leading edge of technology trends. We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to use the same chat platform to collaborate among colleagues and to access their business information via a secured app such as the Infor Coleman Teams app.”