Insurance firm Miller leverages Salesforce AI to boost productivity

image of buildings | Salesforce and Miller

Miller, an independent speciality insurance broker, is one of the first UK financial service organizations to combine Salesforce Einstein and Financial Services Cloud to drive productivity and efficiency across its business.

Leveraging Einstein AI in Financial Services Cloud, Miller is looking to provide more personalized and meaningful client service experiences while also enhancing broker productivity.

With Einstein Prompt Builder, the team can use Salesforce out-of-the-box prompts or create its own prompt template to efficiently produce complex insurance quotes and solutions for clients.

With Financial Services Cloud, Miller can manage complex pipelines, collaborate efficiently across deal teams, use internal and third-party data and ensure information is shared with the right people at the right time.

Using preditive AI-powered CRM Analytics, Miller can gain insights into its sales team’s performance, leads and opportunities. Brokers can then harness Salesforce predictive AI capabilities to anticipate client needs, whether it be a policy renewal or an opportunity to cross-sell using pre-populated templates.

Anna Bratton, head of financial services, Salesforce UKI, said: “We are excited to support Miller in the next stage of its digital transformation – placing trust at the center of AI-powered productivity and growth gains. With the combined power of data, AI, CRM and trust, Miller will pave the way for the financial services industry to deliver exceptional customer experiences while boosting productivity and growth.”

Dana Cuffe, group chief operating officer, Miller Insurance, said: “The insurance industry is on the verge of a seismic, tech-driven shift. With Salesforce allowing us to drive productivity gains and streamline processes, AI is forming the bedrock of our success and positioning us as a market leader.

“We chose Salesforce as our digital partner because its GenAI tools are grounded in trust. Altogether, this approach will empower our business, brokers and clients to meet this AI moment with confidence.”