J.P. Morgan collaborates with Snowflake to launch its Securities Services

image of security camera on wall | Snowflake and J.P. Morgan

In collaboration with Snowflake, J.P. Morgan has launched its Securities Services Data Mesh for institutional investors, available via Fusion by J.P. Morgan, as part of this new offering to deliver Securities Services data directly into investors’ workflows.

The solution allows investors to retrieve investment data held by J.P. Morgan’s Custody, Fund Accounting and Middle Office services, using cloud-native channels including REST APIs, Jupyter notebooks and the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud.

Organizations wanting to leverage the cloud’s elasticity and tap into the accelerated growth and rapid development in analytics, AI and ML require data within a modern technology stack. Fusion supports investors in this journey with the release of the Data Mesh, which now includes Securities Services data. Fusion aims to address challenges faced when integrating asset servicing data, ingesting data at scale, especially as portfolios and investments continue to grow in size and complexity.

Fusion is Snowflake compatible with Securities Services datasets which are ready to be extracted directly from Snowflake tables. Users leveraging the solution can directly access J.P. Morgan data regardless of their cloud provider.

Additionally, investors can access data directly in their Jupyter notebooks using the Fusion Python library, allowing them to jump straight into analysis and work with the data to solve cases with minimal effort. The Data Mesh is optimized for developers with a notifications service that informs applications when key data events occur, self-service tools for application management and data delivery.

Gerard Francis, head of data solutions, J.P. Morgan, said: “Institutional investors continue to leverage data at an increasing rate to maximize alpha and operational efficiency. Having easy access to that data is paramount. With Fusion’s new Data Mesh, we meet our clients where they are, delivering data directly to their Snowflake instances and Python notebooks.

“Clients can now access data directly from applications running in the cloud and on-premise through Fusion APIs and other modern delivery channels. This launch is the latest example of Fusion helping clients to overcome their data challenges.”