Leading Japanese life sciences company goes global with Capgemini and SAP S/4HANA

Japanese life sciences business decentralises for a global audience 

A leading Japanese manufacturer had begun its global expansion in the healthcare and life sciences sector. To support this success, the company was looking to decentralise its Japan-centric business model to enable easier adoption by medical institutes and patients on a global scale. 

Determining the right tools for best practice worldwide

The manufacturer wished to create a standardised and sustainable business platform, capable of growing with their ongoing globalisation pursuits. However, with many opposing data sets to consider, the company’s regional leaders initially held conflicting expectations for the project. Determining the right guiding principles to connect their disparate processes, manage master data records, and detail a standardised organisational structure was difficult to collectively diagnose. 

Diagnosing the best solution with Capgemini ASE and SAP S/4HANA

For some businesses, it can be better to put technology transformations on hold, rather than push forward with unclear goals or an ill-fitting solution. However, for this manufacturer, partnering with Capgemini enabled them to cut through the confusion, preventing project delays. To figure out the best ways to leverage ERP technology, they began to utilise a proprietary Capgemini tool called ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment). Clarifying the way forward, the business leaders could agree on a common understanding for their global pursuits.

Capgemini then redesigned the manufacturer’s global business platform to the new specifications, based on the SAP S/4HANA solution. The software focus was on standardising business processes, IT architecture, and master data management. SAP CPI Cloud Platform Integration was used to connect with their IT assets, including SAP, non-SAP, cloud, and on-premise software. As of 2021, the company and Capgemini shifted to a global rollout of this solution.

Company managers could analyse non-standard processes in different regions and easily decide what should be a part of the future global standard process 

Business benefits: just what the manufacturer ordered

With Capgemini ASE, this life sciences company gained a toolkit that contains simple determining rules and allows them to quickly share and align the business’ strategic goals and challenges with all key members involved in the project. As a result, the company’s managers could analyse non-standard processes in different regions and easily decide what should be a part of the future global standard process to best align with its common strategy. 

With the global standard processes defined and then designed into the SAP S/4HANA solution by the Capgemini partnership, a common set of KPIs can be rapidly measured and reported, improving the speed of a standardised product and service delivery across every region of operation ongoing.  

Offering greater agility, the business can balance global demand and more effectively manufacture, qualify, and deliver goods to medical institutes and patients on a worldwide scale.