Teksid drives ERP success in Brazil, helping their business engine tick with Capgemini and SAP S/4HANA

Optimising a world leader in automotive parts manufacturing and ironworks

Founded by the Fiat Group in 1978, Italian industrial manufacturer Teksid has accelerated to a world leader status in the ironworks industry. Specialising in the production of iron casting and aluminium parts for the automotive and industrial vehicles sector, the business creates assets for engines, suspensions, and more. Now, Teksid has seven plants worldwide. It also forms part of the seventh-largest automotive manufacturing group in the world: the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. 

Teksid’s long-standing sector experience has gained a reputation for technological advancement and raising quality standards. In 2019, next en route for Teksid was to optimise its global manufacturing plants and systems. Looking to Brazil, the business set its sights on bringing its expanding operations up to speed, simplicity, and standardisation targets.  

Keeping up with business growth demands in Brazil

Teksid’s aluminium foundry in Betim, Brazil had launched a new aluminium product line, increasing production complexity and expanding its customers in the local region. 

A new ERP solution was needed to maintain Teksid’s high compliance standards, keeping asset production and general operations ticking cohesively. For its Brazilian footprint, Teksid wished to clean up plant data while simplifying and standardising processes for better industry compliance all round.

The right system to keep Teksid’s growth on track – SAP S/4HANA and Capgemini

Teksid chose the SAP S/4HANA ERP platform with Capgemini as their ideal solution. With ambitious timelines and objectives to launch, the technical and industry expertise offered by partnering with the Capgemini team offered Teksid a much more feasible way to achieve their project goals. With far-reaching implications, the SAP S/4HANA system go-live needed to be as smooth as possible, setting the standard for Teksid’s soon-to-be-simplified processes. 

Showing their ‘metal’ – business benefits for Teksid as the parts came together 

Simplifying the useability of Teksid’s software landscape and renewing their custom and legacy applications, the business is now equipped to operate with industry standardisation and best practice across the board. By eliminating redundant data duplications and structures, Teksid has gained a clear and fast view of the everyday information required at the plant. 

The more efficient processes have reduced error rates and improved product quality. Meanwhile, the clearer view of accurate data has enabled key decision makers to enact informed decisions faster, leading to reduced time-to-market goods.

The roadmap developed with their Capgemini partnership for SAP S/4HANA, has given Teksid an easily replicated approach. As a result of this project’s success, Teksid and Capgemini are continuing their collaboration to roll out new SAP S/4HANA applications across the global business.