Lenovo unveils new competition program to attract STEM students

images of three clear science beakers on a table | STEM

Lenovo has announced the launch of its #Waste2Wonder program, a school project based on hands-on experience, giving students the opportunity to break into STEM subjects.

The aim of the project is to uncover a unique blend of sustainability and STEM development and is tailored for teachers, schools and parents with kids up to the age of 16. This project introduces STEM concepts to students at a young age which can encourage lifelong learning and adaptability in an ever-changing job market.

As part of the initiative, schools can participate in the EMEA School Competition from September 18 to November 30. Step-by-step instructions are available via the competition’s dedicated website to guide participants in the STEM activities and projects. The winning groups will walk away with prizes, including Lenovo Winbook, Intel Skill for Innovation modules, LanSchool Software, Arduino kits and inclusion in the 2024-2025 Lenovo Digital Booklet. The awards will be recognized at the Bett 2024 event.

The STEM Alliance, which have co-organized the competition with Lenovo outlined why initiatives like this are vital for the education system. A spokesperson for the company said: “The STEM Alliance is glad to co-organize the Turning Waste into Educational Wonder competition with Lenovo. We aim to promote STEM education through sustainability-driven projects and inspire young students to pursue STEM careers by engaging them with hands-on and pedagogical activities, such as the creative projects proposed in Lenovo Activity Booklet.”

Manuela Lavezzari, EMEA education marketing director at Lenovo, said: “We have a firm commitment to enhancing technology access in schools and raising awareness about environmental and social issues. This initiative exemplifies the power of collective intelligence and dedication to fostering innovative solutions, serving as a model for ESG efforts.

“It all began with a roundtable discussion involving education resellers a year ago. We brought together experts in STEM pedagogy, the environment, packaging, design and more to make it a reality. We hope teachers and students will appreciate what we have prepared for them and we eagerly anticipate the next innovation.”