McKinsey and Salesforce unlock GenAI potential with new partnership

abstract AI image, blue, purple and green | McKinsey and Salesforce

McKinsey & Company and Salesforce have entered into a collaboration to accelerate the introduction of generative AI for sales, marketing, commerce and service.

This collaboration combines Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, including Einstein and Data Cloud, with McKinsey’s proprietary AI and data models, assets and capability-building power.

Both companies will help firms bring together relevant structured and unstructured data to transform the customer experience through personalization, increased sales productivity, improved marketing analytics and reduced call resolution time.

Recent research conducted by McKinsey estimates that generative AI has the potential to unlock $4.4tn global productivity over the next decades while driving a 5-15 percent increase in total marketing spending and a 3-5 percent surge in sales productivity.

This collaboration follows McKinsey’s acquisition of Salesforce Platinum Partner S4G Consulting in 2022. The announcement builds on McKinsey’s recent acquisitions enhancing its AI portfolio under QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey through Cloud provider, Iguazio and its corporate affiliate program with Stanford Human-Centered AI.

Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce, said: “In today’s business landscape, adopting an AI-first approach rooted in trust and transparency isn’t a choice, but a necessity to succeed. Salesforce and McKinsey are coming together to empower every company with the strategies and technologies needed to fully leverage generative AI across their organization to engage with customers in personalized ways, unlock new opportunities and achieve growth.”

Lareina Yee, senior partner, McKinsey & Company, said: “Generative AI is a powerful catalyst for growth. But the promise of AI needs to be backed by built-for-growth technology and the operational muscle to fully realize the potential.

“Building on our strong alliance, we are collaborating with Salesforce on this critical front to bring our proprietary AI assets, data models and tech build/design capabilities to help our clients turn innovation into impact – all delivered together in Salesforce workflows.”