Microsoft and Submittable collaborate on a new future of cloud

image of white fluffy cloud with blue sky | Microsoft and Submittable

Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with Submittable, a grants management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, to innovate together and enable Submittable to develop new solutions powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service.

This collaboration will provide public, private and non-profit organizations with the solutions to accelerate social impact and better serve their communities.

Offerings to be rolled out by Submittable include a new-to-market set of tools to further the mission of AI and improve the application process for grant givers and applicants. These tools include an AI-powered service that will auto-fill grant applications based on an applicant’s previous answers; an AI bot that can create and translate application forms; and an AI-supported tool that extracts information from official documents into Submittable.

Submittable’s solutions are now available on Azure Marketplace and AppSource. Microsoft and Submittable will go to market together with industry-specific solutions and continue to collaborate on future innovation to help organizations achieve their social impact goals.

Justin Spelhaug, vice president and global lead for Microsoft’s Technology for Social Impact organization, said: “By partnering with companies like Submittable, we can help more organizations increase their social impact effectiveness through technology that delivers better alignment of funding and other critical operational elements that enable them to deliver on their missions.

“Together we’ll be able to innovate with purpose on top of the Microsoft Cloud to solve real problems for the social impact sector – one that for decades has been underserved by technology.”

Thor Culverhouse, CEO of Submittable, said: “The people transforming how public, private and non-profit organizations engage their constituents, communities and employees deserve great tools.

“Our grants management and employee giving and volunteering solutions aim to deliver that innovation for our customers. This would not be possible without our great partnership with Microsoft, leveraging the Azure platform and OpenAI service. Together, we are helping customers accelerate social impact.”