Microsoft UK partners commit to net zero target

The vast majority of Microsoft’s partners in the UK plan to be net zero by 2050, in line with the target set by the UK government

In an update to Microsoft’s sustainability research released in October, 89 percent of partners said they were working to ensure that their organizations do not add to the amount of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere by, or before, 2050.

The new study – entitled ‘Partnering on the road to net zero’ – explores the role the Microsoft UK partner network can play in accelerating the UK’s journey to net zero.

The findings reveal that 94 percent of Microsoft partners believe technology will be critical to helping organizations reach net zero.

Above and beyond their own work to reduce their carbon footprint, nearly half (44%) of Microsoft partners revealed their customers are already asking for technologies that will help them reduce their own negative climate impact.

The research also reveals the key areas that can support Microsoft’s partners as they work with UK organizations to meet net zero targets, including connected sustainability, decarbonization, innovation, funding and skills, supply chain and collaboration and cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

Orla McGrath, global partner solutions lead at Microsoft UK, said: “Today’s research shows that Microsoft’s UK partners are eager to play their part in the UK’s transition to a greener and more prosperous future.

“With their deep expertise in delivering innovative technology and consulting solutions, Microsoft partners are well placed to accelerate both their own journey to net zero and that of their customers.”