Nordic Paper upgrades to IFS Cloud

headline - stock image of backhammar mill

IFS has been selected by Nordic Paper to upgrade its existing on-premise enterprise asset management (EAM) software to the latest IFS Cloud solution to drive efficiencies across its global operations.

The upgrade will be implemented by Sweden-based IFS channel partner, Novacura.The implementation of IFS Cloud will support the digitalization of operations at the speciality paper manufacturer, helping it to maximize uptime, enhance security and strengthen maintenance at its Scandinavian paper mills.

Migrating to IFS Cloud will also provide Nordic Paper with a sustainable platform for future growth. The flexibility and agility of the software will enable the company to stay ‘evergreen’ by adapting to deliver solutions that are tailored and relevant to its target audiences.

The solution provides functionality leveraged by a total of 400 users, based either at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Karlstad, Sweden or at one of the company’s paper mills in Scandinavia.

Patric Johansson, IT manager at Nordic Paper, said: “We were looking for an enterprise asset management solution that delivered enhanced security and operational efficiencies. While we considered other options, IFS Cloud was the intuitive choice. We have a long-standing, trust-based relationship with IFS, and we have always been impressed with the quality of their solutions and in-depth expertise in the pulp and paper industry. We are confident that IFS Cloud can play a key role in supporting our ambitions and in ensuring we get our paper products to market quickly and cost-effectively to deliver an optimum customer experience.”

Ann-Kristin Sander, managing director, Nordics, IFS, added: “Nordic Paper is focused on digitalization and growth. We are proud that they have chosen to extend the long-term relationship we have built together by implementing IFS Cloud and are looking forward to working with them and take their speciality paper offering to the next level.”