Northwell Health utilizes Opkey to migrate their HCM systems to Oracle Cloud

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Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider and private employer, has been at the forefront of the state’s healthcare services with over 77,000 dedicated employees. Their extensive network of 830 healthcare centers allows them to provide essential care to more than one million patients annually. To support its vast operations, the company relies on a comprehensive software system spanning 700 implementations.

Previously, Northwell Health had partnered with Deloitte to transition from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud HCM. During this process, they faced several challenges that required innovative solutions. The primary hurdle was the uncertainty surrounding the scope of testing due to their legacy implementation.

Additionally, the limited bandwidth of the IT and business teams made it challenging to conduct thorough testing before the migration. The adoption of an Agile software development approach added to the pressure on the testing teams, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors. Unfortunately, the company struggled to implement a rigorous continuous testing process manually.

Fortunately, Northwell Health found a solution in Opkey, a powerful testing automation platform. Opkey’s test discovery platform enabled Northwell Health to map their existing EBS processes to future Oracle Cloud processes, allowing them to focus their testing efforts on crucial deviations.

The platform’s extensive library of 2,000+ EBS test cases and 5,000+ Oracle Cloud test cases empowered the company to create and execute tests five times faster than manual methods. The self-healing script technology provided by Opkey relieved Northwell’s business users from the burden of manual test maintenance, streamlining the testing process.

As a result of implementing Opkey’s solutions, Northwell Health achieved favorable outcomes. They managed to reduce their Oracle Cloud implementation time by two months, leading to substantial cost savings of approximately $1.2m.

Moreover, Northwell achieved a remarkably low production defect rate of just three percent, surpassing their initial benchmark of seven percent. The testing costs came in 68 percent below budget, reflecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the Opkey platform.

By embracing Opkey’s capabilities, Northwell Health successfully integrated continuous testing into their operations, fully embracing Agile methods of software development.

Such was the level of satisfaction with Opkey’s solutions that Northwell Health continued to leverage the platform even after the migration was complete. They now utilize Opkey for testing all quarterly Oracle Cloud updates, a testament to the platform’s reliability and effectiveness.

Sahid Hussain, director of product and application services, Northwell Health, said: “The level of coverage and speed you can automate with Opkey is far beyond anything we have seen before. When they say, ‘you’ve never seen testing like this before,’ they mean it.”

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