OpenAI goes ERP with ChatGPT Enterprise

laptop with green and purple background, on laptop screen is ChatGPT information. | ChatGPT Enterprise

OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise-grade security and privacy version of its notorious AI chatbot.

ChatGPT Enterprise offers business users unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, customization options and more. With the new and improved AI assistant, organizations can gain assistance with tasks whilst also ensuring data remains secure, which has long been a sticking point for many enterprises when it comes to the “open” nature of ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s enterprise tool also enables organizations to manage team members via an admin console offering domain verification, SSO and usage insights which allow for large-scale deployment into enterprise. It also removes all usage caps and is said to perform up to two times faster.

Additionally, ChatGPT Enterprise provides unlimited access to advanced data analysis, previously known as Code Interpreter, which enables both technical and non-technical teams to analyze information “in seconds”.

Since ChatGPT’s launch nine months ago, teams in over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies have adopted OpenAI’s chatbot. It has also boosted Microsoft’s AI footprint in enterprise. With Redmond being a primary investor and implementer of OpenAI tools, it does beg the question of how much Microsoft and OpenAI are in competition with the new business-facing solution.

So far, early business users of ChatGPT Enterprise make up a broad church with the likes of Block, Canva, Carlyle, The Estée Lauder Companies, PwC and Zapier leveraging ChatGPT to create clearer communications, accelerate coding tasks, explore answers to complex business challenges, assist with creative work and more.

In addition to this, OpenAI has recently partnered with Scale to provide support for enterprises fine-tuning models. Having recently launched fine-tuning for GPT-3.5 Turbo, OpenAI’s partnership with Scale will extend the benefits of its fine-tuning capabilities with their experience helping enterprises securely and effectively leverage data for AI.

Danny Wu, head of AI products at Canva, said: “From engineers troubleshooting bugs, to data analysts clustering free-form data, to finance analysts writing tricky spreadsheet formulas, the use cases for ChatGPT Enterprise are plenty. It’s become a true enabler of productivity, with the dependable security and data privacy controls we need.”

Jorge Zuniga, head of data systems and integrations at Asana, said: “ChatGPT Enterprise has cut down research time by an average of an hour per day, increasing productivity for people on our team. It’s been a powerful tool that has accelerated testing hypotheses and improving our internal systems.”