Oracle Cloud to power Japan’s largest telco

Japan’s largest telecommunications company, NTT Docomo, has chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to build its new development environment for ALADIN (ALl Around DoCoMo INformation Systems), one of the largest customer information management systems in the world.

ALADIN supports Docomo’s base of over 83 million subscribers by handling all customer-related operations, such as membership and transactional data, credit checks and more. Docomo’s customer information is rapidly expanding and to meet this expansion and enable faster delivery of services, it is modernizing the ALADIN development environment by moving it to the cloud. As part of this, Docomo built a new development environment on OCI to serve approximately 300 developers.

As part of the cloud migration, Docomo has also moved its on-premises Oracle Database environment to Oracle Database Cloud Service on OCI. The company aims to migrate the final operation testing environment to the cloud to improve testing efficiency and application quality with flexible development and testing environments in the near future.

Toshimitsu Misawa, corporate executive officer and president of Oracle Corporation Japan, said: “Companies across the world are continuing to modernize their business processes to meet changing market and regulatory conditions and customer demands. Key to their success is the wealth of customer information that sits at their very heart, like in the case of Docomo’s ALADIN.

“Having a development environment that enables the information to be leveraged quickly, securely and reliably, and that supports faster software development is a source of competitive advantage.”