Oracle reveals next gen Fusion Sales

Oracle next gen Fusion Sales

Oracle has unveiled the next generation of Oracle Fusion Sales, a sales automation application that identifies high-quality sales opportunities and guides sellers to close deals more quickly.

Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience and powered by AI, Fusion Sales provides sellers with quotes, proposals, and recommended steps to help them increase productivity, close more deals, and instil confidence among buyers.

According to a recent study by CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group in partnership with Oracle, almost one third of sellers struggle to close deals and meet quotas. The study, “Does your CRM leave money on the table”, highlights the struggles faced by sellers with customer churn and archaic sales processes. In addition, sellers have noted that they’re open to greater automation and trust AI to take on greater responsibilities.

Oracle Fusion Sales provides sellers with step-by-step guided processes, conversation ready opportunities, automated quotes and proposals, intelligent content recommendations, digital sales rooms, and advanced revenue intelligence.

Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX), said: “Traditional CRM systems were designed to be a system of record for planning and forecasting versus a tool to help sellers sell more. As a result, sellers sped countless hours on data entry and administration that stunts sales productivity. Applying 40 plus years of data and business process expertise, we have done the heavy lifting to engineer the next era of CRM. Oracle Fusion Sales removes the manual steps in the B2B sales process to help sellers close more deals faster and more efficiently.”