Partnering for performance with global tech services powerhouse


This content is written and sponsored by Agilyx. 

In a world of increasing economic and technological disruption, a partnership with a successful, trustworthy, change-ready technology services company is the best tool you can have for transforming your company into a modern, efficient, highly productive organization.

To be the best your organization can be, you need a global, change-ready technology services consulting and delivery partner — someone who delivers unmatched business transformation solutions through implementation of leading-edge products and world-class services. Your partner should be able to provide you systems that will revolutionize your project and financial management, budgeting, talent acquisition, and skills development, as well as intuitive API development to connect your various (and quite possibly disparate) systems and processes.

Your partner should have in their toolkit a full suite of back-office solutions. Look for key partners like Salesforce (the world’s leading cloud services provider), FinancialForce, Vena or Cornerstone — all of which integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce ecosystem, and many of which fit well with other common ERPs, like Oracle and NetSuite. They should also be able to build and implement custom installations of well-respected ERP and PSA suites, such as Unit4, which sits within the Azure ecosystem.

If you need someone with deep knowledge of the community and environment you operate in then look for someone with local staff. If, on the other hand, your priorities are speed and efficiency, then you may want to look for an organization that can deliver global service and support delivery. Some companies can match these two factors, one example of which is Agilyx Group. Although Australian-run, Agilyx has nine offices on five continents, covering all of the UK and EU, Southern Africa, North America, and all of Asia-Pacific. No matter the time zone or time of day, a member of your Agilyx team will be available. And a follow-the-sun approach means time to deliver is minimized because delivery teams are split across time zones, so your project never sleeps (even when you do).

As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected, more and more organizations are looking to technology and services consultants to provide them with a competitive edge. The sorts of solutions these companies provide should be designed around customers’ unique needs, with the underlying goal of empowering each organization with the technological tools and resources it needs to be its best every day. They should also be delivered hand-in-glove with first-class partners (like Salesforce or Unit4). Look for solutions such as FinancialForce, Unit4, Salesforce, Vena or Cornerstone if you want to empower anyone from finance to HR teams, project managers to sales and support staff, and so many more to do their best work quicker and more easily. These solutions will allow you to automate manual processes, analyze data to support decision-making, and streamline back-office processes and procedures.

Do your research up front and look for reviews of potential partners. Many companies will publish attributed reviews on their websites, allowing you to reach out to the customers named and ask how things went for them if you so choose. Reviews can also be found through aggregator sites like Raven Intelligence, although be aware that not all companies will be listed for all products they implement and this doesn’t necessarily indicate anything negative.

Ultimately, the results delivered by your chosen partner should speak for themselves. Whether they’re implementing business solutions or providing a full system analysis, your partner should be driven to deliver valuable, long-term solutions matched with world-class customer services. They should be passionate about helping organizations big and small transform the way they do business and deliver on their goals. When you find this, you’ll know you have found the right partner for your transformation.