Agilyx launches MUNIvers cloud service for local governments


Agilyx Group has announced the launch of MUNivers, a cloud-based ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between speed and efficiency of the SaaS universe and the traditionally slow-moving government sector.

Powered by Salesforce, MUNIvers is a hub where councils can discover a plethora of platforms, services and solutions tailored to address the distinctive challenges that plague a sector often lacking the robust funding reserves of central governments.

With the goal to transform the way councils operate in the digital age, MUNIvers offers a highly scalable, reasonably-priced solution to fill the missing technical link between scarce modern resources and the diverse array of legacy systems that are often found in local councils.

Integrating with a wide range of existing solutions, the hub provides an escape from the confinements of data silos. Plus, at an application level, users benefit from secure identity authentication processes combined with permission management capabilities that maintain optimal data access control. Its encryption networks are backed by advanced threat-detection mechanisms as well as reliable replication, backup and disaster recovery strategies.

The product ecosystem will concentrate on two high-demand areas for council governments: enhancing citizen involvement and effectively managing service requests. Additional capabilities to manage citizen engagement, streamline tax and levy collection, expedite service requests and optimize provisioning will also be released soon.

John Catarinich, CEO and co-founder at Agilyx Group, “We’ve had the privilege to work closely with government clients worldwide. What we’ve discovered is that many of them face a common challenge: they struggle with managing their services and interactions due to a lack of cohesive, efficient and user-friendly systems.

“Recognizing the massive potential for improvement, we embarked on a journey to design and deliver a state-of-the-art local government solution that would propel them to the forefront of their industry.”

Chris Develin, owner and co-founder, Agilyx Group, said: “Local government organizations often feel like they’re stuck with outdated systems, lacking functionality, security and the ability to expand smoothly. Their systems are in constant need for IT support, along with a myriad of unreliable data that go underutilized, ultimately affecting their capacity for data digitization. MUNIvers disrupts this narrative, providing local government organizations a remedy for effective reporting that empowers data-driven, community-improving decision-making processes.”