Pathlock automates SAP roles tailored to S/4HANA

Pathlock SAP S/4HANA role management

As serious threats to data availability, integrity and system availability become an increasing problem in 2023, authorization managers are beginning to recognize the need for action to minimize the risk of SAP security incidents. Redesigning a company’s SAP roles is an effective way to streamline security and Pathlock’s role templates are designed to do exactly that.

Pathlock provides individual roles tailored to the primary functions of SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP. To ensure a familiar experience, customers access these SAP roles within a menu that resembles the typical SAP menu structure. Following defined and best practices, Pathlock has pre-designed 900 roles for SAP modules to reduce the time-consuming process of designing and creating them individually.

Role design is based on the principle of separation of duties (SoD). The final SoD review takes place in the customer concept with a defined set of rules to accommodate different SoD requirements between companies. To reduce time-consuming tasks and costs, Pathlock makes it possible to perform this check in shorter time.

Critical objects and transactions are separated into single roles and mnemonic naming conventions are predefined, with flags for SAP module, access type and process descriptions. To establish role and data ownership, module authorizations are contained in module roles and are free of generally applicable SoD risks.

With Pathlock’s role template, customers can benefit from time savings that are reflected in their project budgets, granting access authorizations according to the need-to-know principle. With a standardized specification of the documentation structure in the role long text, Pathlock additionally ensures that these documented roles aid the user departments and meet audit requirements.

By automating SAP roles, Pathlock tackles the growing security concerns that companies face when migrating and integrating to cloud platforms with S/4HANA, all while saving valuable time and costs for its users.