Protecting Data During Cloud Journeys from the Inside-Out

image of data landscape | Pathlock cloud

As the digital landscape is ever-changing, SAP users need to be at the forefront of technology just to keep up with cloud migration efforts. With data security paramount to a company’s success, SAP users should be addressing security challenges efficiently in order to protect their data during these turbulent times.

Whether a business is at the very beginning, middle or end of its S/4HANA journey, vast amounts of data are being transferred through various digital systems. This makes data vulnerable to cyberattacks and puts it particularly at risk of insider user threats.

Cybersecurity companies like Pathlock are addressing this issue with programs like CISO and IT security, so users can benefit from granular access control for sensitive applications and business processes. This ensures IT and security teams have a much stronger oversight of privileged activities. SAP users utilizing security programs such as this are provided with the application access they need to monitor what users do with their access to applications.

Additionally, users benefit from continuous monitoring for a wide range of internal and external threats to critical systems allowing for a faster response time to maintain secure and effective controls across the leading business-critical applications and hundreds of compliance mandates, as well as an enriched SIEM application with detailed threat detection data for further correlation across systems.

The ability to understand what specific activities are impacting customer, employee and business data is integral to stopping threats before they start. This level of insight and control gives users with rich SAP databases the ability to demonstrate controls of privileged user access and activity.

Uniquely, with Pathlock customers can additionally extend their SAP Access Control implementation with Emergency Access Management for SAP such as SAP Ariba and SuccessFactors. Pathlock also offers access governance solutions for SAP in both cloud and SAP-native delivery models. Whether users require a business-friendly UI or wish to incorporate application controls data within their SAP interface, platforms of this nature can help.

As SAP users continue their journey through S/4HANA and beyond, aligning with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions becomes indispensable. By staying at the forefront of security advancements, SAP users can navigate these transformative times with resilience, ensuring the protection of their invaluable data assets from the inside-out.