Protecting SAP users during cloud migrations: The SAP-endorsed advantage

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The surge in businesses migrating their operations to the cloud brings with it an intensified concern over cybersecurity. Among those undergoing cloud deployments, SAP users are seeking vendors equipped with the right tools to safeguard their bundled data amidst the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. 

Moving business-critical applications like ERP, HCM and SCM to the cloud has its advantages, but it also introduces a complex web of tribulations that arise during the journey. One of the more common mistakes is neglecting a dedicated approach to application security during implementation and this oversight causes significantly heightened risk over reward.

The immediacy with which breaches and fraudulent activities can occur demands a proactive pre-launch plan that will address application security threats before they happen. The repercussions of overlooking these aspects can be detrimental to transformation processes– from increased downtime and project delays to amplified fraud and compliance risks. Such consequences not only disrupt operations but also jeopardize relationships with customers, shareholders and regulators. 

Robert Holland, VP and research director, SAPinsider, who suggested in his research paper ‘Securing the SAP Landscape Against Cyber Threats’ that SAP users would benefit from security solutions that integrate directly into SAP systems, said: “Integrate your existing systems with new processes that you deploy and ensure that your cybersecurity tools are consistent across cloud and on-premise environments.”

SAP-endorsed security platforms are best utilized by SAP users as they are equipped to work directly within already existing SAP landscapes. One such example is Pathlock, a company that specializes in helping organizations automate the enforcement of controls access, process and cybersecurity checks by ensuring audit-ready application security and controls automation throughout every phase of SAP users’ cloud migration journeys. 

SAP users who utilize companies like Pathlock stand to gain insight into access risk and automate provisioning while monitoring all transactions and sensitive configuration changes to bolster the security perimeter and automate SAP vulnerability scanning that masks sensitive data and detects threats in real-time – fortifying defenses against potential breaches. 

Importantly, because Pathlock is an SAP endorsed partner, it can integrate with existing SAP solutions to automate application governance end-to-end, saving companies valuable time and cost. Because of this, SAP users gain extended access control with cross-app visibility and provisioning to make the transition even smoother.

As businesses continue to navigate the uncharted territories of cloud deployment, the assurance of data security and compliance becomes paramount. Utilizing SAP-endorsed security vendors not only addresses these concerns but also paves the way for a seamless and secure transition – empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.