PwC UK appoint Fraser Wilson as regional leader for financial services

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Fraser Wilson has been named as the new PwC UK regional leader for financial services.

Wilson already holds the leading position in PwC’s financial services in Scotland, which he will keep. This means continuing to work closely with key clients in the Scottish financial services market and partners, including Scottish Financial Enterprise and Fintech Scotland.

His new title will require him to additionally oversee activity with financial services clients across the other UK regions outside of London – including Wales, the Midlands and North of England.

Wilson has been working with the company for 23 years, which has allowed him to specialize in risk, governance and controls across the financial services industry – becoming a partner in 2014 and playing a crucial role in the development of Scotland’s Financial Services Strategy.

Fraser Wilson, financial services leader for PwC Scotland and regional leader for financial services at PwC UK, said: “I’m proud to be taking on the role of regional leader for financial services – as well as retaining my role in the Scottish financial services market. The presence of the financial services sector across the UK regions is growing – you only need to look at Scotland, which is the second largest financial services centre outside of London, as a prime example.

“Key banking and financial institutions are choosing to make the most of the skills and capabilities sitting outside of London as the industry evolves in response to the changing needs of businesses – for example, green finance and the move towards net zero – and the importance of financial inclusion for the consumers we serve, as well as its own workforce.

“It’s an exciting time to be taking on a role spanning the regions for PwC UK and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what it brings.”