Reinforcing your supply chain with Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management

A view overlooking a harbour that contrains a large amount of shipping containers | Supply Chain Management Accelalpha

Efficient and effective supply chain management can make or break a business. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances might throw a spanner in the works – is your supply chain robust enough to handle the occasional setback?

Some manufacturing processes have withstood the test of time for decades so why change them? This is where Accelalpha’s services could help you identify exactly what solution would be best suited for your business. While the process changes may not be obvious from an internal viewpoint, an external analysis could reveal where enhancements can be made.

Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions tap into four different factors that could enhance your supply chain processes: order management, manufacturing, inventory management and Internet of Things devices.

Having all order details accessible from a single end-point is one of the typically overlooked features that could drastically improve efficiencies. Accelalpha’s SCM can develop reporting dashboards, making it a much easier process to track your goods or check on the status of your delivery fleet. The tech provided also helps you identify and prevent supply chain issues fast.

With the right manufacturing changes, you could save money and time – all it takes is the correct application of software. Accelalpha integrates Oracle Cloud Manufacturing with your supply chain apps. Using Oracle’s tech means all the cost data from manufacturing will be automatically integrated with your accounting and finance systems. This in turn gives you greater control over your manufacturing costs.

Inventory management is where many businesses unwittingly hemorrhage money – mainly due to a lack of visibility of global inventory, or a lack of cohesion regarding costs and stock. Accelalpha’s SCM taps into Oracle’s Cloud Inventory Management tech, meaning you would be able to track inventory balances worldwide, subinventory transfers, inter-organization transfers and inventory allocation.

Finally, never underestimate other solutions for enhancing your supply chain. Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Planning tool collates data from several different sources (demand insights, supply constraints, stakeholder input) and uses machine learning to see where positive adjustments to your business processes can be made.

Ultimately, increased process efficiencies across the board compound into a much faster turnaround time for your customers – and happy customers will always come back for more.