Ricoh Company maintain an image of top ERP health thanks to Rimini Street

A moody coloured shot of a vintage Ricoh branded SLR camera against a dark, wooden background | Ricoh Company Rimini Street

Ricoh Company has chosen Rimini Street’s Rimini Support and Rimini Protect to help the image processing firm optimize its current oracle EBS and Oracle Database environments. The Oracle system specialists are also helping with Ricoh Company’s next-generation ERP strategy.

After being used to running its transactional processes via multiple instances of Oracle EBS and Oracle Database, the Japanese-based multinational imaging company decided to transition away from Oracle products but still needed to secure and protect sensitive data during the digital transformation, so settled on Rimini Protect. A security measure like Rimini Protect can be quickly deployed against unknown threats without the requirement of code changes to enact protective measures.

Keisuke Hamanaka, deputy general manager of process, IT and data management, Ricoh Company said on the decision to use Rimini Street: “We made a comparative evaluation with other companies offering similar services and concluded that Rimini Street is the only partner that can support the Japanese market with the high-quality support and protection we need, at a price that aligns with our financial goals.”

As Ricoh Company planned its next ERP move, the challenges of maintaining business continuity and protecting data reared their heads. The combination of Rimini Support and Rimini Protect was seen as a winning combo from Hamanaka’s perspective. “These services give Ricoh peace of mind knowing we have dependable security around the critical data in our Oracle Databases that back up EBS.”

Rimini Support can provide software maintenance services through use of its Advanced Application and Middleware Security (AAMS), a way in which companies can extend the longevity of its out-of-date enterprise tech without the need to upgrade to a potentially costly new platform.

Not wanting to upgrade to the latest cloud technology yet, Ricoh Company were attracted towards Rimini Street’s Advanced Database Security (ADS) service, a method that can protect releases that are no longer supported by the original software vendor.

Ricoh Company’s collaboration with Rimini Street resulted in real time, zero-day vulnerability protection without the need for extensive system downtime. The addition of Rimini Support meant that Ricoh Company’s Oracle systems will always be running at full speed despite being out-of-date. Hamanaka concluded: “We were able to divert resources from engaging in a major EBS upgrade, and save several billion yen at the same time.”