Salesforce and Snowflake launch data sharing-based integration platform

Two people smiling and looking at a laptop screen | Salesforce and Snowflake BYOL

Salesforce and Snowflake have launched their Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) data sharing with the Snowflake Data Cloud from Salesforce Data Cloud.

The BYOL data sharing builds on Salesforce and Snowflake’s existing partnership to combine data storage and actionable insights for their customers.

The collaboration integrates Salesforce and Snowflake data to solve a “common challenge” businesses face – the need to combine customer data from Salesforce with data in Snowflake.

The launch allows companies to gain better insights into customer behavior, market trends and operational efficiency, in turn allowing them to react quickly to market changes, anticipate customer needs and optimize their operations.

Joint customers can enhance the value of their Salesforce data by combining it with enterprise data in Snowflake. Organizations are able to update their Snowflake workloads with valuable customer data and insights from Salesforce Data Cloud.

The integration makes converting data into insights easier, for example, a retail business can now combine its Salesforce sales data with external market trends from Snowflake much quicker than it would have been able to do before.

In the coming months, Salesforce and Snowflake plan to launch BYOL Data Federation, which will allow Snowflake data to be accessed within Salesforce Data Cloud, completing the bidirectional data sharing capability.

According to Salesforce, the BYOL data sharing with Snowflake enables customers to directly access data across platforms without the need for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes. The process ensures real-time access to the most updated data while maintaining high standards of security and governance.

Rahul Auradka, EVP and GM, Unified Data Services & Einstein, Salesforce, said: “Data is the foundation for providing AI-driven personalized and relevant experiences across all touchpoints. Our partnership with Snowflake enables companies to smoothly unite their data, driving better customer insights and experiences. Together, we’re shaping the future of data and AI-driven success.”

Christian Kleinerman, SVP of product at Snowflake, said: “With the Snowflake and Salesforce integration, we are enabling enterprises to experience a unified and frictionless modern data stack, so they can focus on delivering differentiated experiences for customers. There is no AI without data, and together, we are well positioned to lead our customers through the growing interest in AI/ML.”