Salesforce and Werner Enterprises to drive Net Zero Cloud


Salesforce has formed a collaboration with Werner Enterprises to enhance the transportation and logistics company’s ESG tracking and reporting capabilities.

Werner will leverage Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, allowing the company to track, analyze, and report reliable environmental data, accelerating progress towards it sustainability goals.

With the 2021 release of Werner’s inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report announcing nine ESG goals, the company’s 2022 CSR report highlighted its progression. The company saw progression towards a 55 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 across Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

With Net Zero Cloud, Werner can now quickly adapt its strategies and tactics to make measurable, data-driven progress toward its ESG goals.

Ari Alexander, general manager, Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce, said: “Every organization needs to urgently accelerate their climate goals. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Werner to implement, track, and manage their environmental data more accurately with Net Zero Cloud.

“By putting technology in the hands of our customers, we’re enabling them to make meaningful decisions about climate action and achieve success now.”

“The trucking industry is critical to getting goods into the hands of consumers across the US every day,” said Shawntell Kroese, AVP of sustainability and sales operations, Werner. “Werner’s vital role in the supply chain gives us a unique opportunity to both exceed our own ESG goals, and help our customers meet their sustainability goals. By leveraging Net Zero Cloud, we can measure progress on our ESG metrics, and report on how we are tracking towards those goals to ensure we’re driving impact.”