Salesforce announces next generation of Einstein AI tech

A cartoon Albert Einstein lookalike pointing to a floating lightbulb | Salesforce

Salesforce has introduced the next generation of its AI technology Einstein, bringing the conversational assistant to all Salesforce applications.

Einstein Copilot is described as an “out-of-the-box” conversational AI assistant built into the user experience of each Salesforce application.

The AI assistant will, according to Salesforce, drive productivity by assisting users within their flow of work and providing answers that are “grounded in secure proprietary company data” from Salesforce Data Cloud. Using natural language prompts, Einstein Copilot will complete sales, service, marketing, commerce, development and tableau tasks, among others.

Meanwhile, Einstein Copilot Studio enables companies to build new generations of AI-powered apps with custom prompts, skills and AI models to close sales deals faster, streamline customer service, auto-create websites based on personalized browsing history or transform natural language prompts into code.

Companies wanting to customize Einstein Copilot will be able to use the new Einstein Copilot Studio to build and tailor AI assistants with relevant prompts, skills and AI models to accomplish specific tasks.

The platform also provides configurability to make Einstein Copilot available for use across other consumer-facing channels such as Slack, WhatsApp or SMS.

Being piloted this autumn, Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio will operate within the Einstein Trust Layer – an AI architecture natively built into Salesforce that allows teams to generate higher-quality AI results by grounding responses with customer data and preserving company data privacy and security standards.

Marc Benioff, chair and CEO, Salesforce, said: “The reality is every company will undergo an AI transformation to increase productivity, drive efficiency and deliver incredible customer and employee experiences. With Einstein Copilot and Data Cloud, we’re making it easy to create powerful AI assistants and infuse trusted AI into the flow of work across every job, business and industry. In this new world, everyone can now be an Einstein.”