Salesforce delivers personalized experiences with Customer 360

image of anatomy science figure | Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce has announced its new Customer 360 for Health capabilities that help healthcare providers deliver more personalized patient experiences and reduce operational costs. 

The innovations will appease the healthcare providers’ need for cutting-edge technologies, including real-time data, AI and automation, to deliver the seamless, personalized experiences patients need.

Customer 360 for Health helps healthcare and life sciences organizations enhance the overall care experience with the full power of Salesforce technology, including real-time data from Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and automation with Flow. This includes automating manual processes like prior authorizations, intake, and patient scheduling. 

A Home Health feature will automate the intake and scheduling process for in-home treatment using scheduling workflows and patient preference data. Its Data Cloud for Healthcare enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to connect and activate clinical and non-clinical patient data from multiple sources, including electronic health records (EHR), social and behavioral data, assessments and more, into a real-time patient profile. 

Customer 360 also has a Patient Contact Center, which is a pre-configured agent console that provides a comprehensive view of the patient using MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud to access EHR data. The contact center will help healthcare organizations optimize patient interactions in real time, including scheduling appointments, billing and updating insurance information. 

Furthermore, its MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud provides FHIR-aligned connectors to access EHR data, and its Tableau Accelerators for Health Cloud are ready-to-use, intelligent dashboards for a variety of use cases, including referral analytics, risk analytics and insights to reduce ‘no-shows’. Teams can customize Tableau Accelerators and combine them with their data to fit their needs while getting data-driven insights faster.

 “With Customer 360 for Health, our clinicians have the tools they need to enroll patients in programs when they need it most and give providers real-time visibility into their care so every team member is better coordinated,” said Dr Alastair MacKinlay, medical informatics lead at Barwon Health. “With Salesforce, there is a greater level of acuity across our hospital-in-home services, allowing more patients to recover in the comfort of their own home, faster.”